Living Room Concerts - Archer & Tripp
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Living Room Concerts

As ‘Archer & Tripp’ we have already played over 50 Living Room and House Concerts
since December 2014.

Why Living Room Concerts?

Such intimate and comfortable settings are an amazing opportunity for us as artists 
to lead the audience through our world of music. These settings allow enough time and space for us to tell little stories about our pieces, which mostly develop from our travels, and we have had feedback that listeners fully grasp our art even though our songs 
are without lyrics.


One of our favourite aspects of Living Room Concerts is to play acoustically. Many of our gentle instruments sound much purer when enjoyed in an acoustic space which allows everyone to be surrounded by and feel the actual vibrations without the interference of amplification. From our experience, these evenings of sharing, maybe eating together and time to engage with one another and of course, music, make for a truly unique and memorable occasion.


As a Host, you have the possibility to tailor a concert in your home (or cosy venue of your choice) to your wishes and preferences…


If you are interested in hosting a Living Room Concert with us,



Living Room Concert with Archer & Tripp in Floriada

Gina Martinelli’s House Concerts, Florida, USA

House Concerts... In Your Home

Living Room Concert with Archer & Tripp in Kaiserslautern

Das Penthaus, Kaiserslautern, Germany


Ten Ten Concerts

Not all house concerts have to have large audiences. For those that want to set up something last minute, organise a small event for your friends, host on a weeknight or simply have a small living room, then Ten Ten Concerts is a really nice concept. The idea is simple:


10 guests, 10 songs, 10 (monies).


For more information read this Guide or Contact Us